Las Vegas Club Events In March 2022

March Nightclub & Dayclub Events Calendar

march, 2022

01mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

01mar10:30 pmOT GenasisOmnia Nightclub

02mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

02mar10:30 pmCrookedEBC At Night

02mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

03mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

03mar10:30 pmDJ ViceZouk Nightclub

03mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

03mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

04mar11:00 amKim LeeEncore Beach Club

04mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

04mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

04mar10:30 pmAngie VeeEBC At Night

04mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

04mar10:30 pmNghtmreOmnia Nightclub

04mar10:30 pmRL GrimeXS Nightclub

04mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

04mar10:30 pmCash CashZouk Nightclub

04mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

05mar11:00 amDillon FrancisEncore Beach Club

05mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

05mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

05mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

05mar10:30 pmCarnageEBC At Night

05mar10:30 pmMarshmelloXS Nightclub

05mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

05mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

05mar10:30 pmLoud LuxuryOmnia Nightclub

05mar10:30 pmJack HarlowZouk Nightclub

06mar11:00 amJustin CredibleEncore Beach Club

06mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

06mar10:30 pmFaedXS Nightclub

08mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

09mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

09mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

09mar10:30 pmJustin CredibleEBC At Night

10mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

10mar10:30 pmSlanderZouk Nightclub

10mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

11mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

11mar11:00 amAngie VeeEncore Beach Club

11mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

11mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

11mar10:30 pmKim LeeEBC At Night

11mar10:30 pmDuke DumontZouk Nightclub

11mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

11mar10:30 pmDillon FrancisXS Nightclub

11mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

11mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

12mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

12mar11:00 amMarshmelloEncore Beach Club

12mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

12mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

12mar10:30 pmG EazyZouk Nightclub

12mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

12mar10:30 pmThe ChainsmokersXS Nightclub

12mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

12mar10:30 pm11:56 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

13mar11:00 amMeduzaEncore Beach Club

13mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

15mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

16mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

16mar10:30 pmDJ FiveEBC At Night

16mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

17mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

17mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

17mar10:30 pmJack HarlowZouk Nightclub

17mar10:30 pmDiploXS Nightclub

18mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

18mar11:00 amArt of the WildEncore Beach Club

18mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

18mar10:30 pmArt of the WildXS Nightclub

18mar10:30 pmTiestoZouk Nightclub

18mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

18mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

18mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

18mar10:30 pm11:56 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

19mar11:00 amArt of the WildEncore Beach Club

19mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

19mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

19mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

19mar10:30 pmArt of the WildXS Nightclub

19mar10:30 pmZeddZouk Nightclub

19mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

19mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

19mar10:30 pm11:56 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

20mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

20mar11:00 amArt of the WildEncore Beach Club

20mar10:30 pmArt of the WildXS Nightclub

22mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

23mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

23mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

24mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

24mar10:30 pmZeddZouk Nightclub

24mar10:30 pmThe ChainsmokersXS Nightclub

24mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

25mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

25mar11:00 amKim LeeEncore Beach Club

25mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

25mar10:30 pmGryffinXS Nightclub

25mar10:30 pmDJ SnakeZouk Nightclub

25mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

25mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

25mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

25mar10:30 pm11:56 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

26mar11:00 amAlessoTAO Beach Dayclub

26mar11:00 amThe ChainsmokersEncore Beach Club

26mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

26mar10:30 pmMarshmelloXS Nightclub

26mar10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

26mar10:30 pmTiestoZouk Nightclub

26mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

26mar10:30 pm11:56 pmSpecial GuestLight Nightclub

26mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

27mar11:00 amDiploEncore Beach Club

27mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

27mar10:30 pmRL GrimeXS Nightclub

29mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

30mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

30mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

31mar11:00 amSpecial GuestTAO Beach Dayclub

31mar10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

31mar10:30 pmBreathe CarolinaZouk Nightclub

31mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

March brings the shift to warmer weather with the dayclubs and pool parties reopening in Las Vegas as well as groups flocking into town for March Madness and St. Patrick's Day. We've outlined events at each club on our March calendar that also provides access to our free guest lists and VIP bottle service packages.

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