Las Vegas Club Events In August 2021

August Nightclub & Dayclub Events Calendar

august, 2021

01aug11:00 amSpecial GuestEncore Beach Club

01aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

01aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

01aug10:30 pmSpecial GuestXS Nightclub

01aug10:30 pmDrenchedMarquee Nightclub

02aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

06aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

06aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

06aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

06aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

07aug11:00 amZeddAYU Dayclub

07aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

07aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

07aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

07aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

07aug10:30 pmTiestoAYU Dayclub

08aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

08aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

08aug10:30 pmDrenchedMarquee Nightclub

13aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

13aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

13aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

13aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

14aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

14aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

14aug11:00 amTiestoAYU Dayclub

14aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

14aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

14aug10:30 pmZeddAYU Dayclub

15aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

15aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

15aug10:30 pmDrenchedMarquee Nightclub

20aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

20aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

20aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

20aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

21aug11:00 amZeddAYU Dayclub

21aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

21aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

21aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

21aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

21aug10:30 pmTiestoAYU Dayclub

22aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

22aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

22aug10:30 pmDrenchedMarquee Nightclub

27aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

27aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

27aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

27aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

28aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

28aug11:00 amTiestoAYU Dayclub

28aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

28aug10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

28aug10:30 pmZeddAYU Dayclub

28aug10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

29aug11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

29aug11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

29aug10:30 pmDrenchedMarquee Nightclub

Feast on summer clubs during the entire month of August in Las Vegas. This month is still in the peak of prime club events for both nightclubs and dayclubs. Access everything using our August club calendar below including guest lists and bottle service options. Summer VIP has never been so simple.

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