Las Vegas Club Events In April 2023

April Nightclub & Dayclub Events Calendar

april, 2023

01apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

01apr11:00 amDavid GuetaEncore Beach Club

01apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

01apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestXS Nightclub

01apr10:30 pmDeadmau5Zouk Nightclub

01apr10:30 pmLil JonHakkasan Nightclub

01apr10:30 pmSteve AokiOmnia Nightclub

01apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

01apr10:30 pmJustin CredibleJewel Nightclub

02apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

02apr11:00 amDillon FrancisEncore Beach Club

02apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

02apr10:30 pmDJ RuckusXS Nightclub

02apr10:30 pmDeseoOmnia Nightclub

03apr10:30 pmDJ E-RockJewel Nightclub

04apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

04apr10:30 pmRob GusonOmnia Nightclub

05apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

05apr10:30 pmDeux TwinsEBC At Night

06apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

06apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

06apr10:30 pmMeduzaHakkasan Nightclub

06apr10:30 pmAudienZouk Nightclub

07apr11:00 amSpecial GuestEncore Beach Club

07apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

07apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

07apr10:30 pmDJ DramaHakkasan Nightclub

07apr10:30 pmZeddZouk Nightclub

07apr10:30 pmDillon FrancisXS Nightclub

07apr10:30 pmSteve AokiOmnia Nightclub

07apr10:30 pmJoe MazJewel Nightclub

08apr11:00 amTiestoAYU Dayclub

08apr11:00 amDavid GuettaEncore Beach Club

08apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

08apr10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

08apr10:30 pmLoud LuxuryHakkasan Nightclub

08apr10:30 pmMartin GarrixOmnia Nightclub

08apr10:30 pmKaskadeZouk Nightclub

08apr10:30 pmDJ BamboozleJewel Nightclub

08apr10:30 pmDiploXS Nightclub

09apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

09apr11:00 amMortenEncore Beach Club

09apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

09apr10:30 pmFAEDXS Nightclub

09apr10:30 pmDeseoOmnia Nightclub

10apr10:30 pmDJ CLAJewel Nightclub

11apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

11apr10:30 pmLoud LuxuryOmnia Nightclub

12apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

12apr10:30 pmSurf MesaEBC At Night

13apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

13apr10:30 pmJoel CorryHakkasan Nightclub

13apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

13apr10:30 pmCash CashZouk Nightclub

14apr11:00 amDeux TwinsEncore Beach Club

14apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

14apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

14apr10:30 pmCrespoJewel Nightclub

14apr10:30 pmParty FavorOmnia Nightclub

14apr10:30 pmDJ SourmilkHakkasan Nightclub

14apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestXS Nightclub

14apr10:30 pmNervoZouk Nightclub

15apr11:00 amKaskadeAYU Dayclub

15apr11:00 amDavid GuettaEncore Beach Club

15apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

15apr10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

15apr10:30 pmSteve AokiOmnia Nightclub

15apr10:30 pmNghtmreHakkasan Nightclub

15apr10:30 pmGryffinXS Nightclub

15apr10:30 pmTiestoZouk Nightclub

15apr10:30 pmYo YolieJewel Nightclub

16apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

16apr11:00 amFAEDEncore Beach Club

16apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

16apr10:30 pmDeseoOmnia Nightclub

17apr10:30 pmDJ ShiftJewel Nightclub

18apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

18apr10:30 pmJustin CredibleOmnia Nightclub

19apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

19apr10:30 pmKim LeeEBC At Night

20apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

20apr10:30 pmSlanderZouk Nightclub

20apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

20apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestHakkasan Nightclub

21apr11:00 amSpecial GuestEncore Beach Club

21apr11:00 amCash CashAYU Dayclub

21apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

21apr10:30 pmSteve AokiOmnia Nightclub

21apr10:30 pmDJ ScooterJewel Nightclub

21apr10:30 pmDeadmau5Zouk Nightclub

21apr10:30 pmJustin CredibleHakkasan Nightclub

21apr10:30 pmDillon FrancisXS Nightclub

22apr11:00 amDavid GuettaEncore Beach Club

22apr11:00 amTiestoAYU Dayclub

22apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

22apr10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

22apr10:30 pmLil JonHakkasan Nightclub

22apr10:30 pmDiploXS Nightclub

22apr10:30 pmZeddZouk Nightclub

22apr10:30 pmLoud LuxuryOmnia Nightclub

22apr10:30 pmMike AttackJewel Nightclub

23apr11:00 amAcrazeEncore Beach Club

23apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

23apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

23apr10:30 pmDeseoOmnia Nightclub

24apr10:30 pmDJ SourmilkJewel Nightclub

25apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

25apr10:30 pmJeff RetroOmnia Nightclub

26apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

26apr10:30 pmAcrazeEBC At Night

27apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

27apr10:30 pmBenny BenassiHakkasan Nightclub

27apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

27apr10:30 pmNic FanciulliZouk Nightclub

28apr11:00 amJonas BlueAYU Dayclub

28apr11:00 amDillon FrancisEncore Beach Club

28apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

28apr10:30 pmWhoo KidHakkasan Nightclub

28apr10:30 pmTiestoZouk Nightclub

28apr10:30 pmFour Color ZackJewel Nightclub

28apr10:30 pmChris lakeOmnia Nightclub

28apr10:30 pmSpecial GuestXS Nightclub

29apr11:00 amDavid GuettaEncore Beach Club

29apr11:00 amKaskadeAYU Dayclub

29apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

29apr10:30 pmZeddZouk Nightclub

29apr10:30 pmAlessoOmnia Nightclub

29apr10:30 pmLil JonHakkasan Nightclub

29apr10:30 pmDJ KarmaJewel Nightclub

29apr10:30 pmKygoXS Nightclub

29apr10:30 pmEmbassy NightclubEmbassy Nightclub

30apr11:00 amSpecial GuestEncore Beach Club

30apr11:00 amSpecial GuestAYU Dayclub

30apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestFoundation Room

30apr10:30 pmTwo FriendsXS Nightclub

30apr10:30 pmDeseoOmnia Nightclub

Spring arrives with April in Las Vegas. So whether you are in town for spring break, a work trip, or just need a vacation, know that the clubs have some amazing events each night and day of the week (see our calendar below). There is so much to do with nightclubs, dayclubs, pool parties and you can access them all with our free guest lists and table service packages.

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