Las Vegas Club Events In April 2021

April Nightclub & Dayclub Events Calendar

april, 2021

14apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

15apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

15apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

15apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

15apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

15apr10:30 pmWorshipTao Nightclub

16apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

16apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

16apr11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

16apr11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

16apr11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

16apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

16apr11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

16apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

16apr10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

16apr10:30 pmDrai's Beach At NightDrais Nightclub

16apr10:30 pmOmnia NightclubOmnia Nightclub

16apr10:30 pmHakkasan NightclubHakkasan Nightclub

16apr10:30 pmXS LoungeXS Nightclub

16apr10:30 pmTao NightclubTao Nightclub

17apr11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

17apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

17apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

17apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

17apr11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

17apr11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

17apr11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

17apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

17apr10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

17apr10:30 pmDrai's Beach At NightDrais Nightclub

17apr10:30 pmOmnia NightclubOmnia Nightclub

17apr10:30 pmTao NightclubTao Nightclub

17apr10:30 pmHakkasan NightclubHakkasan Nightclub

17apr10:30 pmXS LoungeXS Nightclub

18apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

18apr11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

18apr11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

18apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

18apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

18apr11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

18apr11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

18apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

18apr10:30 pmDrenchedMarquee Nightclub

19apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

20apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

21apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

22apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

22apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

22apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

22apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

22apr10:30 pmWorshipTao Nightclub

23apr11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

23apr11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

23apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

23apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

23apr11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

23apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

23apr11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

23apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

23apr10:30 pmTao NightclubTao Nightclub

23apr10:30 pmXS LoungeXS Nightclub

23apr10:30 pmHakkasan NightclubHakkasan Nightclub

23apr10:30 pmDrai's Beach At NightDrais Nightclub

23apr10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

23apr10:30 pmOmnia NightclubOmnia Nightclub

24apr11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

24apr11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

24apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

24apr11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

24apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

24apr11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

24apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

24apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

24apr10:30 pmDrai's Beach At NightDrais Nightclub

24apr10:30 pmOmnia NightclubOmnia Nightclub

24apr10:30 pmHakkasan NightclubHakkasan Nightclub

24apr10:30 pmTao NightclubTao Nightclub

24apr10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

24apr10:30 pmXS LoungeXS Nightclub

25apr11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

25apr11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

25apr11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

25apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

25apr11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

25apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

25apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

25apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

25apr10:30 pmDrenchedMarquee Nightclub

26apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

27apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

28apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

29apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

29apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

29apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

29apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

29apr10:30 pmTao NightclubTao Nightclub

29apr10:30 pmWorshipTao Nightclub

30apr11:00 amEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

30apr11:00 amMarquee DayclubMarquee Dayclub

30apr11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

30apr11:00 amGo Pool DayclubGo Pool

30apr11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

30apr11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

30apr11:00 amWet RepublicWet Republic

30apr10:00 pmDaylight Beach At NightDaylight Beach At Night

30apr10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

30apr10:30 pmTao NightclubTao Nightclub

30apr10:30 pmDrai's Beach At NightDrais Nightclub

30apr10:30 pmXS LoungeXS Nightclub

30apr10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee Nightclub

30apr10:30 pmHakkasan NightclubHakkasan Nightclub

30apr10:30 pmOmnia NightclubOmnia Nightclub

Spring arrives with April in Las Vegas. So whether you are in town for spring break, a work trip, or just need a vacation, know that the clubs have some amazing events each night and day of the week (see our calendar below). There is so much to do with nightclubs, dayclubs, pool parties and you can access them all with our free guest lists and table service packages.

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