Las Vegas Club Crawl

If you are headed to Las Vegas, or maybe you are already here, you might have heard about Las Vegas Club Crawls. It is advertised that you can hit up multiple club venues with hosted entry. Some even say free drinks and shared photography. Before you purchase tickets that can cost between $50 - $300, you might consider our free guest list which provides a lot of the same advantages with zero cost. Select below to learn more about skipping the club crawl:

Our Las Vegas Club Services

The Club Crawl Process

The steps involved with the Vegas club crawls are pretty simple:

1. With Las Vegas Club Crawls you purchase and reserve your tickets
2. Dress to meet the club dress code
3. Meet at the starting location
4. Attend the scheduled venues

One thing to consider is you will be walking between the different club stops. Some of them can be pretty far apart. Walking in the middle of the summer where it can be over 100 degrees at night is no joke. No one wants to be sweaty while clubbing. Also for ladies its a lot of walking and being done in heels sounds pretty painful. You might consider the guest list instead.

The Club Venues

The club crawls advertise multiple clubs per night and show a list of all the spots. Please be aware that really only 1 of the spots is really a top club. Most of the first stops are restaurants, lounges, or bars. We just want to set the realistic expectations. With our guest lists you get to pick which club you want to attend.

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