Epic Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Las Vegas Bachelor Party
So the destination is set with Las Vegas being claimed as the date for all things filled with manly debauchery: the bachelor party. This isn't going to be just any bachelor party, because it has to be epic. Nowhere else on the planet can a group of men accomplish more in a short period of time than on The Strip, and we are letting you know you've made a great choice. You are the boys will always look back and remember, and maybe not remember, all of the antics that will go down for this legendary trip. Now comes the pressure on the group, and probably on the best man, to get everything planned. Now that is where we come in and are happy to share some of our favorite tips to help get things going and of course to always save some money.


Las Vegas Bachelor Party Hotels
First of all everyone will want to be staying in the same place. There are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to Las Vegas hotels, but believe us you will want to stay on a property on the strip. For starters, you will want to shop around for pricing, and one of our favorite spots that often times can offer the best prices is hotelmarkdowns.com. Most groups are on a budget of some type, so we can help point out some suggestions for each. At the budget end you will have hotels like Excalibur and Luxor. In the middle you will find properties like MGM Grand or The Venetian. At the high end you can't go wrong with The Wynn or The Bellagio. It might also be smart to plan your hotel based off of what activities you have planned, so keep reading to see what we recommend.


Bachelor Party Limo
Whether it is coming from the airport, getting to dinner or a show, or getting to and from the nightclub scene, your entire group is going to need rides. Las Vegas has some incredible options for party limos, massive stretched hummers, or crazy vehicles that are somewhere in between. We've always had a great experience with Presidential Limousine. We've also got a special offer with Lyft that gets you and your buddies free rides, so snag that directly from Lyft here.


Bachlor Party Las Vegas Nightclub
One of Las Vegas's most popular entertainment options is the nightclub scene. With over the top design in lighting and sound, the top DJs and live performances, and an X-factor of energy that is unmatched, the club scene is extremely popular with the bachelor groups. Plus there is always flocks of beautiful women in the clubs which can never hurt. For groups of men we always recommend bottle service for the best experience. It just makes it simple to get in, have your own VIP area, and takes a ton of stress out of the equation. Plus, when you look at the numbers it's not out of the ordinary expensive because lets face it, you and the boys are going to be drinking. Check out our bottle service page for all information and for free quotes. Make sure you also check out the nightlife dress code guide so there is no chance of being left out of the fun.


Bachlor Party Las Vegas Dayclub
Similar to the suggestions for the nightclubs, the dayclub recommendation remains the same. Like table service, bachelor groups will want to reserve daybeds or cabanas for the pool parties. Check all the dayclubs and find options for pricing and free quotes at our Dayclub Bottle Service page.

Strip Clubs

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Strip Clubs
Whether you are looking for an option of something to do as a pregame for the nightclub, or something for afterhours, Las Vegas strip clubs are out of this world. No where else will you find amazing venues with hundreds of beautiful women. I am not kidding you. These gentlemen's clubs are overflowing with sexy ladies of all types. We've got some special deals specifically for strip clubs that offer packages that include transportation, entrance, and free drinks, so check all the strip club options here.


Bachelor Party Las Vegas Dinner
Where should the group go for dinner? A very valid questions and something that often gets left out of planning. Vegas is known for having some of the top restaurants in the world led by celebrity chefs. With so much to choose from our first advice is to plan a dinner that is in the same hotel as whatever the next planned activity is. If you are going to a nightclub, then plan to have your dinner in the same hotel that the nightclub is located. Trust us on this one. People always run late, and larger groups are even later. Make it easier on everyone and you can thank us later.

All in all you and the wedding party of men are set for a fantastic trip to Las Vegas. We always suggest planning ahead to relieve some of the stress because we know when you arrive it's going to be a bit of a sh*t storm. Please enjoy all of our Las Vegas bachelor party tips.

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