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Most of the time Las Vegas nightclub dress codes are catered toward what men need to wear to get into the clubs. While it's true women can get away with pretty much anything, the females still want to dress to impress while in Sin City. Arika has put together this quick video outlining the do's and don't of Las Vegas Fashion and how to dress to get in the club for the ladies! From dresses and heels, to makeup, and purses, she points out some fashion 101 and outlines what to wear. Heels are important, and the style should be flashy, sexy, tight and short.

What Should Women Wear To The Clubs?

Girls should think upscale when picking what to wear for a night out in Las Vegas clubs. Go with items that are sexy and classy. Cocktail party attire is always perfect. You always want to look your guest when using our club guest lists for entrance.

Should Women Wear Heels To Vegas Nightclubs?

In order to get into the clubs you want to catch the attention of the door hosts and promoters. They are usually the ones that want to make sure the best looking ladies get into the club quickly. Always wear heels, even if they hurt, and NEVER EVER take them off. Heels elongate a women's body, and you don't want to look short and stubby. Choose a dress that has vibrant colors to stand out. Accessories are as important as your ID to get into the clubs. Always accessorize with earrings, bangles, and clutches. Leave your large purse at home or in the hotel room.

What Accessories To Bring?

Girls can easily highlight their attire with wise selections of earrings, bracelets, purses, and clutches. Leave your large purses at home or in the hotel room. Just make sure you have room for your ID, cell phone, charger, makeup, and money.

What Should Girls Wear To Vegas Pool Parties?

While dress code advice seems obvious for the nightclubs, Arika also gives us some tips on what to wear for the pool parties and dayclubs in Vegas. For the pools the cover-up is extremely important. It's what you arrive in, and what you leave in, and what you end up wearing walking through the casino. Look your best and just have fun.
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