Event Type 2 Marquee Nightclub


18oct10:30 amGareth EmeryMarquee Nightclub

19oct10:30 amDeorroMarquee Nightclub

21oct10:30 amWhat So NotMarquee Nightclub

25oct10:30 amFedde Le GrandMarquee Nightclub

26oct10:30 amMustardMarquee Nightclub

28oct10:30 pmSam FeldtMarquee Nightclub


01nov10:30 pmEric DluxMarquee Nightclub

02nov10:30 amCamelphatMarquee Nightclub

04nov10:30 amViceMarquee Nightclub

08nov10:30 amDJ RuckusMarquee Nightclub

09nov10:30 amTritonalMarquee Nightclub

11nov10:30 amChase BMarquee Nightclub

15nov10:30 amDash BerlinMarquee Nightclub

16nov10:30 amTchamiMarquee Nightclub

18nov10:30 amDJ RuckusMarquee Nightclub

22nov10:30 amSander Van DoornMarquee Nightclub

23nov10:30 amMatomaMarquee Nightclub

25nov10:30 amDJ FiveMarquee Nightclub

29nov10:30 amSigalaMarquee Nightclub

30nov10:30 amMarkus SchulzMarquee Nightclub


02dec10:30 amCrespoMarquee Nightclub

06dec10:30 amMatomaMarquee Nightclub

07dec10:30 amDash BerlinMarquee Nightclub

09dec10:30 amEric DluxMarquee Nightclub

13dec10:30 amSpecial GuestMarquee Nightclub

14dec10:30 amSpecial GuestMarquee Nightclub

16dec10:30 amChase BMarquee Nightclub

20dec10:30 amCIDMarquee Nightclub

21dec10:30 amAndrew RayelMarquee Nightclub

23dec10:30 amDJ FiveMarquee Nightclub

27dec10:30 amDJ RuckusMarquee Nightclub

28dec10:30 amViceMarquee Nightclub

30dec10:30 amEric DluxMarquee Nightclub

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