Event Type 2 Marquee Nightclub


22mar10:30 pmFedde Le GrandMarquee Nightclub

23mar10:30 pmEquis Latin SaturdaysMarquee Nightclub

23mar10:30 pmSheck WesMarquee Nightclub

25mar10:30 pmViceMarquee Nightclub

29mar10:30 pmDJ ViceMarquee Nightclub

30mar10:30 pmR3habMarquee Nightclub


01apr10:30 pmSan HoloMarquee Nightclub

05apr10:30 pmTritonalMarquee Nightclub

06apr10:30 pmJeffrey SutoriusMarquee Nightclub

08apr10:30 pmJeffrey SutoriusMarquee Nightclub

12apr10:30 pmMarkus SchulzMarquee Nightclub

13apr10:30 pmSam FeldtMarquee Nightclub

15apr10:30 pmDJ ChuckieMarquee Nightclub

19apr10:30 pmJeffrey SutoriusMarquee Nightclub

20apr10:30 pmDeorroMarquee Nightclub

22apr10:30 pmDJ RuckusMarquee Nightclub

26apr10:30 pmBenny BenassiMarquee Nightclub

27apr10:30 pmMustardMarquee Nightclub

29apr10:30 pmMustardMarquee Nightclub


03may10:30 pmChuckieMarquee Nightclub

04may10:30 pmSpecial GuestMarquee Nightclub

06may10:30 pmBoombox CartelMarquee Nightclub

10may10:30 pmRuckusMarquee Nightclub

11may10:30 pmW & WMarquee Nightclub

13may10:30 pmDJ ViceMarquee Nightclub

31may10:30 pmEric DluxMarquee Nightclub


01jun10:30 pmMustardMarquee Nightclub

03jun10:30 pmBoombox CartelMarquee Nightclub

07jun10:30 pmTritonalMarquee Nightclub

08jun10:30 pmDeorroMarquee Nightclub

10jun10:30 pmViceMarquee Nightclub

14jun10:30 pmSan HoloMarquee Nightclub

15jun10:30 pmAndrew RayelMarquee Nightclub

17jun10:30 pmRuckusMarquee Nightclub

24jun10:30 pmSam FeldtMarquee Nightclub

28jun10:30 pmW & WMarquee Nightclub

29jun10:30 pmJeffrey SutoriusMarquee Nightclub


05jul10:30 pmRuckusMarquee Nightclub

06jul10:30 pmViceMarquee Nightclub

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