Event Type 2 Hakkasan Nightclub


17nov10:30 pmDJ ShiftHakkasan Nightclub

21nov10:30 pmCash CashHakkasan Nightclub

22nov10:30 pmBurnsHakkasan Nightclub

23nov10:30 pmNGHTMREHakkasan Nightclub

24nov10:30 pmDJ DirectHakkasan Nightclub

28nov10:30 pmFergie DJHakkasan Nightclub

29nov10:30 pmBorgeousHakkasan Nightclub

30nov10:30 pmMark EtesonHakkasan Nightclub


01dec10:30 pmEric DluxHakkasan Nightclub

05dec10:30 pmCrankdatHakkasan Nightclub

06dec10:30 pmGryffin (DJ Set)Hakkasan Nightclub

07dec10:30 pmCash CashHakkasan Nightclub

08dec10:30 pmRoadhouseHakkasan Nightclub

12dec10:30 pmLil JonHakkasan Nightclub

13dec10:30 pm4BHakkasan Nightclub

14dec10:30 pmLil JonHakkasan Nightclub

27dec10:30 pmDJ ShiftHakkasan Nightclub

28dec10:30 pmFergie DJHakkasan Nightclub

30dec10:30 pmTiestoHakkasan Nightclub

31dec10:30 pmSteve AokiHakkasan Nightclub

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