Event Type 2 Drais Nightclub


22feb10:30 pmNellyDrais Nightclub

23feb10:30 pm2 ChainzDrais Nightclub

24feb10:30 pmDJ FranzenDrais Nightclub

28feb10:30 pmDJ EscoDrais Nightclub


01mar10:30 pmTIPDrais Nightclub

02mar10:30 pmMeek MillDrais Nightclub

03mar10:30 pmFabolousDrais Nightclub

07mar10:30 pmDJ EscoDrais Nightclub

08mar10:30 pmMigosDrais Nightclub

09mar10:30 pm2 ChainzDrais Nightclub

10mar10:30 pmTY Dolla $ignDrais Nightclub

14mar10:30 pmDJ EscoDrais Nightclub

15mar10:30 pmRae SremmurdDrais Nightclub

16mar10:30 pmFrench MontanaDrais Nightclub

17mar10:30 pmSnoop DoggDrais Nightclub

21mar10:30 pmDJ EscoDrais Nightclub

22mar10:30 pmBig SeanDrais Nightclub

23mar10:30 pmSpecial GuestDrais Nightclub

24mar10:30 pmNellyDrais Nightclub

28mar10:30 pmDJ EscoDrais Nightclub


06apr10:30 pmFrench MontanaDrais Nightclub

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