Jewel Nightclub

3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89158

Events at this location


10dec10:30 pmFaedJewel Nightclub

14dec10:30 pmScooterJewel Nightclub

15dec10:30 pmJustin CredibleJewel Nightclub

17dec10:30 pmHardnoxJewel Nightclub

21dec10:30 pmKid ConradJewel Nightclub

22dec10:30 pmDJ QueJewel Nightclub

28dec10:30 pmDJ E-RockJewel Nightclub

29dec10:30 pmTory LanezJewel Nightclub

31dec10:30 pmTygaJewel Nightclub


04jan10:30 pmDJ TurbulenceJewel Nightclub

05jan10:30 pmDJ SourmilkJewel Nightclub

07jan10:30 pmLil JonJewel Nightclub

11jan10:30 pmTygaJewel Nightclub

12jan10:30 pmDJ KarmaJewel Nightclub

14jan10:30 pmDJ IkonJewel Nightclub

18jan10:30 pmKid ConradJewel Nightclub

19jan10:30 pmDJ IrieJewel Nightclub

21jan10:30 pmFaedJewel Nightclub

28jan10:30 pmDJ ShiftJewel Nightclub

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