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september, 2021

18sep11:00 amAlessoEncore Beach Club

18sep11:00 amMartin GarrixWet Republic

18sep11:00 amRauw AlejandroDrai's Beachclub

18sep11:00 amTiestoAYU Dayclub

18sep11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

18sep11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

18sep11:00 amPauly DMarquee Dayclub

18sep11:00 amTroyboiElia Beach Club

18sep10:00 pmFeaturedLost FrequenciesDowntown Grand Hotel

18sep10:00 pmD.MilesFoundation Room

18sep10:00 pmDaylight Beach at NightDaylight Beach At Night

18sep10:30 pmMustardMarquee Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmDrais After HoursDrai's After Hours

18sep10:30 pmDa BabyDrais Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

18sep10:30 pmBecky GZouk Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmBayatiChateau Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmJustin CredibleJewel Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmTYGAHakkasan Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmIlleniumOmnia Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmFour Color ZackTao Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmJhay Cortez & FriendsEBC At Night

18sep10:30 pmThe ChainsmokersXS Nightclub

18sep10:30 pmLatin + Hip HopEmbassy Nightclub

19sep11:00 amNGHTMREWet Republic

19sep11:00 amThe ChainsmokersEncore Beach Club

19sep11:00 amDJ SpinkingDrai's Beachclub

19sep11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

19sep11:00 amSigalaElia Beach Club

19sep11:00 amNora En PureMarquee Dayclub

19sep11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

19sep10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

19sep10:30 pmDJ FranzenDrais Nightclub

19sep10:30 pmMajor LazerXS Nightclub

19sep10:30 pmDJ SnakeZouk Nightclub

19sep10:30 pmDrais After HoursDrai's After Hours

19sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

19sep10:30 pmCrespoMarquee Nightclub

20sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

20sep10:30 pmO.T. GenasisJewel Nightclub

21sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

21sep10:30 pmMondoOmnia Nightclub

22sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

22sep10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

22sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

22sep10:30 pmGordoEBC At Night

23sep11:00 amCedric GervaisMarquee Dayclub

23sep11:00 amSpecial GuestWet Republic

23sep11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

23sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

23sep10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

23sep10:30 pmDrais After HoursDrai's After Hours

23sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

23sep10:30 pmSwim NightDrais Nightclub

23sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

23sep10:30 pmMaddsZouk Nightclub

23sep10:30 pmJustin CredibleTao Nightclub

23sep10:30 pmParty FavorHakkasan Nightclub

24sep11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

24sep11:00 amDJ ShiftWet Republic

24sep11:00 amMike AttackMarquee Dayclub

24sep11:00 amCyber KidDrai's Beachclub

24sep11:00 amDeux TwinsEncore Beach Club

24sep11:00 amSultan + ShepardElia Beach Club

24sep10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

24sep10:30 pmGryffinXS Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmMike AttackTao Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmDrai's NightclubDrais Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmEDXMarquee Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmDrais After HoursDrai's After Hours

24sep10:30 pmMartin GarrixOmnia Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmG-EazyZouk Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmCash CashAYU Dayclub

24sep10:30 pmLatin + Hip HopEmbassy Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestChateau Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

24sep10:30 pmLoud LuxuryHakkasan Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmKid ConradJewel Nightclub

24sep10:30 pmKim LeeEBC At Night

25sep11:00 amMartin GarrixWet Republic

25sep11:00 amIrieDrai's Beachclub

25sep11:00 amZeddAYU Dayclub

25sep11:00 amLoco DiceElia Beach Club

25sep11:00 amLiquid PoolLiquid Pool

25sep11:00 amThe ChainsmokersEncore Beach Club

25sep11:00 amPauly DMarquee Dayclub

25sep10:00 pmCrookedFoundation Room

25sep10:30 pmBig SeanDrais Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmMustardMarquee Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmLil JonHakkasan Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmO.T. GenasisJewel Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmMarshmelloXS Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmSpiderTao Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

25sep10:30 pmTiestoZouk Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmLatin + Hip HopEmbassy Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmP JayChateau Nightclub

25sep10:30 pmRL GrimeEBC At Night

25sep10:30 pmDrais After HoursDrai's After Hours

25sep10:30 pmSteve AokiOmnia Nightclub

26sep11:00 amSpecial GuestLiquid Pool

26sep11:00 amDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

26sep11:00 amLil JonWet Republic

26sep11:00 amDJ MonaDrai's Beachclub

26sep11:00 amKlingandeElia Beach Club

26sep11:00 amDiploEncore Beach Club

26sep11:00 amRoss OneEncore Beach Club

26sep11:00 amSpecial GuestMarquee Dayclub

26sep10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

26sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

26sep10:30 pmDrais After HoursDrai's After Hours

26sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestDrais Nightclub

26sep10:30 pmDillon FrancisXS Nightclub

26sep10:30 pmCamelPhatAYU Nights

26sep10:30 pmDJ CLAMarquee Nightclub

27sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

27sep10:30 pmJustin CredibleJewel Nightclub

28sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

28sep10:30 pmJeff RetroOmnia Nightclub

28sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestXS Nightclub

29sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

29sep10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

29sep10:30 pmDeux TwinsEBC At Night

29sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOn The Record

30sep11:00 amDrais BeachDrai's Beachclub

30sep11:00 amSpecial GuestWet Republic

30sep11:00 amSpecial GuestMarquee Dayclub

30sep11:00 amSpecial GuestLiquid Pool

30sep10:00 pmFoundation RoomFoundation Room

30sep10:30 pmE-RockTao Nightclub

30sep10:30 pmParty FavorHakkasan Nightclub

30sep10:30 pmLiz ClarkChateau Nightclub

30sep10:30 pmBlond:ishZouk Nightclub

30sep10:30 pmSpecial GuestOmnia Nightclub

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