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Calvin Harris Events In Las Vegas

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Events

december, 2022

No Events

Groups wanting to know where Calvin Harris will be playing in Las Vegas have come to the right place. Know which club Calvin Harris is at is currently pretty easy, and our club calendar showcases all of his events at Omnia Nightclub, Wet Republic, and Hakkasan Nightclub. You can attend Calvin events with presale tickets or bottle service at each club venue.

How To See Calvin Harris In Las Vegas

Calvin Harris events are always some of the most popular and sought after for clubs in Las Vegas. No matter where he is playing you have two options for gaining access to his events. They include purchasing tickets or booking bottle service. Currently the guest list is not valid for Calvin Harris events. If you want to see pricing for Calvin Harris tickets and VIP table service use one of the buttons below.

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Calvin Harris Pro Tip: Arrive Early

Because of the demand and popularity for Calvin Harris club events you will want to arrive at or before the club opens. This will help to ensure you don't spend hours waiting to get in. For nightclubs we suggest arriving before 10:30pm and for pools before 11am. You want to trust us on this one. It is much better to wait for his performance on the inside of the club instead of outside in the lines.

Calvin Harris Purchasing: Book In Advance

It is not uncommon for Calvin Harris club events to sell out, so it is crucial that you buy your tickets or book your tables early. Tickets also tend to increase in price the closer it gets to the event date. It would be smarter to lock them in early if you can. If you don't decide to purchase preale tickets and attempt to pay at the door you might run into situations where the price for entrance is 2-3x the ticket prices. Save yourself the hassle and snag them early. You can expect Calvin Harris club tickets to cost $75 for women and $100 for men.

Calvin Harris Guest Lists

Sadly the guest list just isn't an option for Calvin Harris in Vegas. The club venues choose to not have them for these specific events. It's best to know this ahead of time.

What Time Does Calvin Harris Come On?

A question that is commonly asked is wanting to know what time Calvin Harris starts his DJ set. Typically at nightclubs like Omnia he starts at 1:30am. For dayclubs like Wet Republic you can expect him to come on at 3pm.

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