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One question we get asked a lot is what are the best Las Vegas nightclubs on weekdays, or the best nights to go out in Vegas. One of the things that makes Sin City a top nightlife destination is that every single weekday can feel like the weekend. During each night of the week multiple clubs are open doing events with top DJs, live music performances, and celebrity appearances. Most of the time the midweek nights out are just as busy as the weekend. Easily find which nightclubs are open tonight.

Feel free to check out our Las Vegas Nightclubs page where we let you know which days of the week each venue is open, as well as our Upcoming Events. You will find that during the weekdays many of the nightclubs have their industry nights which means you will get a great blend of tourists, Las Vegas locals, and industry friends. For many of the Las Vegas nightlife industry workers the weekdays represent their weekend and their times to let loose and party.

We've also organized quick guides that showcase the best clubs and events for each day of the week:

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