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James Algate, the Vice President of Entertainment at Hakkasan Group, explains what makes Las Vegas nightlife create one of a kind experiences not found anywhere else in the world. Specifically, he provides insight on the unique technology and features that are stand alone to Jewel Nightclub and Omnia Nightclub. Jewel was created to feel like a dome where everyone on the inside feels like they are cocooned as a part of the action. The unique product for this venue was an LED tile. Being able to be curved gives them infinite opportunities for visuals all over the club. The other fixture is the tiles behind the DJ booth. On one side they are LED screens, and on the other is effect lighting. These items linked up with the programming creates amazing, eye-catching displays.

The chandelier at Omnia created something unique, and something never seen before. With 22,000 pounds worth of equipment, eight eccentric rings are manipulated at speeds up to 3 feet per second. One key piece of the technology that we had no idea about was how the chandelier is connected to the tracks the headlining DJs are playing. It is able to take the time coding from the music, shoots it to the server, and then tells all the lighting and chandelier components how to navigate. It should come as no surprise that their #1 resident DJ, Calvin Harris, said that when he walks into Hakkasan Group clubs they are visually arousing.

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