7 Reasons Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service Is Better

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Considering getting bottle service for your next nightclub outing? Here’s our 7 favorite reasons why having your own table plain and simply makes the experience better.

It’s The Fastest Way Into The Club

If you’ve ever been to a Las Vegas nightclub entrance you know how messy, chaotic, and busy they can be. While being on the guest list helps you bypass the general admission line, the fastest way into the club is often for groups getting a table. The venues have a separate area dedicated for bottle service customers which allows for the most expected entry into the party, and with bottle service you skip paying a cover charge.

Your Own Real Estate

Bottle Service Seats
After being walked into the club by a host you will be taken to your own private table that is yours for the night. Nightclub tables offer the best seats in the house with perfect views of the DJ, live performer, and dance floor. Your table is in a roped off area not accessible by the general public. You will have your own area to sit, dance, and party without having to deal with getting run into by the masses.

Bottle Service Presentations Rock

Bottle Service Presentation
Depending on your intended spend, your table can come with a bottle service presentation. This usually involves waitresses and staff in costumes, special music, production lighting, sparklers, shout outs on the massive LED screens, and/or any combination of them all. Think of it as your specialty announcement to the entire club that you have arrived.

Gorgeous Waitresses

Bottle Service Waitresses
With bottle service your table will get its own security staff, bussers, and waitress. We would like to mention that the Las Vegas waitresses are extremely hot. Women come from all over the world to earn a waitress position in the clubs, so the staff is dominated by dropouts. Plus, she’ll be serving you for the entire night. Terrible I know.

You’re The Center of Attention

If you have a table in the club it’s a given that you will be noticed. You own the best locations in the venue, have been announced with specialty presentations, and your own bottles of alcohol have a home base for your consumption. Being the center of attention leads us to the next two points below.

Guys: It’s Easier To Get Women

If you are a group of men looking to meet women in Las Vegas there is no better solution to accomplish this goal than having a table. Girls will flock to hang out with you. They want to be in the best spots in the club and you have that to offer, plus you’ve got drinks. It’s an easy icebreaker and sets up a great party.

Women: It’s Easier To Avoid Men (Or Meet The Ones You Want)

Las Vegas Groups of Women
Sometimes the ladies just want their own space to enjoy the nightclub scene, and it’s not uncommon for groups of just women to reserve their own table. In doing so they can avoid the people in the club they want nothing to do with and focus on their own fun. Plus, they have the option to invite whichever guys into their area they want. Women with tables get control.

If you’re interested in getting or learning more about bottle service in Las Vegas including pricing, layouts, and reservations check out our table service options.

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