5 Tips For Partying In Las Vegas On Fight Weekend

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The fight of the century is upon us, and the industry folks are saying today will be busiest event in the history of Las Vegas. I wish you all good luck. Being one of the top party hubs on the planet we all know this will mean thousands of people will be primed to party in Las Vegas’ famous nightclubs and dayclubs. We put together some quick tips that should help set expectations for partying during this ridiculous fight weekend.

1. Be Prepared to Pay
Similar to other holiday weekends in Vegas things are expensive. The clubs don’t typically have a guest list and there are no “hookups”. Don’t expect anything for free or any special treatment for free. Know there is a long line of people willing to pay, have already paid, or are about to pay likely more than you. So get that in your head for starters.

2. Be Prepared to Tip
Hosts, promoters, waitresses, bussers, management, and security will be working their asses off. They will have masses of people contacting them for anything and everything. They will be trying their best to provide the best amenities for their clients. If you would like their services know that it is customary to tip. A nice tip during a stressful weekend like this can go a long way.

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3. Be Prepared to Abide by the Dress Code
Every single club and pool party in Las Vegas has a dress code. It’s true that people still get access to the club when they don’t abide by it, but that is a different dress code rant. For fight weekend every venue will be extremely strict. In December you may have gotten into a club with a New Era hat, but know that this likely won’t fly. Play it on the safe side and dress to impress. No Hats, No Sneakers, No Athletic Wear, No Baggy Clothing, you know the deal.

4. Be Prepared to For Higher Bottle Service Prices
Groups looking for VIP bottle service at the nightclubs and dayclubs can expect a little boost in prices due to the demand of the nightlife scene. This option will be the most expensive club package, but is definitely worth it on so many levels. With table service you have access to the fastest entrance into the venue, your own table real estate for the entire night, and a waitress and staff to make sure your glasses never go empty.

5. Be Prepared to Arrive Early
If you want to face massive crowds all trying to get past the velvet ropes at once and wait to get entrance feel free to ignore this tip. For those partiers that would like a stress-free roadmap to enjoying the fight festivities take note. Arrive early! Plan to be at the venue of your choice at 10PM for nightlife and 11AM for daylife. Also know that traffic will be busier than usual so planning extra time for transportation is a must. It may feel silly to arrive so early, but being inside your party location sipping your first cocktail is entirely more pleasurable than fighting the door crowd.

It’s going to be a jungle out there. Wishing everyone a safe, fun, and profitable weekend.

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