XS Nightclub Gets New LED Screen & Lighting Upgrade For 2015

When XS Nightclub first opened it's doors it was just before the big DJ boom. The centerpiece of the beautiful club was the dance floor leading to the outdoor area. A majestic view to say the least. The DJ was not the focal point, and the home base for the DJ was actually in the back of the room near the entrance stairway. Obviously things have changed over the years and XS has been a front runner and major influencer in bringing EDM and the top DJs from around the world to Las Vegas.

They modified XS making the headlining DJs the center of attention and the leader of the party. With a new elevated DJ booth there came new lighting, multiple LED screens, and concert-worthy production. As we head into 2015 XS Nightclub has again stepped up their game with major upgrades to their overall nightclub experience. They've installed a massive truss system surrounding the DJ booth that holds a brand new LED screen. The most interesting part about the setup is the fact that the entire screen moves up and down. For the start of the night we envision that the screen will stay hidden from the room above and behind the DJ booth. Once the headliner comes on, the new screen will lower into place and the party can be taken to the next level.

While the LED technology is the the most flashy upgrade, new additions to the interior lighting can be found throughout the nightclub. Tracks of choreographed lighting have been installed in the ceiling, edges, and even on their gorgeous chandelier. The massive truss system has been rumored to house pyrotechnics which should be a massive hit for Night Swim Sundays.

Here’s the complete lineup of upgrades:

• A pyrotechnic system that shoots fire above the roof of the pool deck.
• A larger DJ booth surrounded by 14,000 LED lights.
• The stage’s new overhead structure features movable LED video screens that not only rise up and down, but also rotate in all directions.
• A double kabuki drop in front of the DJ booth featuring projection-mapped video content that will allow for a dramatic intro for headlining DJs.
• Massive LED node details that cover the entirety of the club (including over the pool) and which pulsate and change in coordinated color patterns in time with the music.
• An extension of technology and lighting into the outdoor pool area, including screens on the outside of the club.
• Lasers and LED marquee-style string lights float from the palm trees to the bar soffit and around each cabana creating a unique pixel mapped detail over the pool.
• Four full-color crowd scanning lasers and fixtures.
• A one-of-a-kind video screen design over the DJ booth, incorporating a three-dimensional cubic layout. The video in this structure has been mapped pixel-perfect, enabling custom effects that are made specifically for the DJ booth.

No Cover Nightclubs is excited to see all the new technology upgrades debut in 2015, and applaud XS for continuing to stay relevant and at the front of the pack in the Las Vegas nightlife scene.

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