Why Las Vegas Has The Most Fun Nightclubs

If you haven’t already experienced a night out in the ridiculously awesome nightclubs in Las Vegas we can pretty much guarantee you’ve at least heard about them. With residencies from the top DJs on the planet and live performances from the world’s most popular musical artists, it’s more than likely you’re waiting for us to tell you about them. There’s also a chance you just want to see the top clubs and get on the guest lists for free, so we can start with that.

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Now back to the description. In 1999 things changed in Las Vegas in a major way. This year was the first time that non-gaming revenue surpassed gaming revenue. This was huge and would set the tone for things to come. As Vegas began to adjust, the nightclubs began to develop and took off. Let’s fast forward to today. Almost every single major hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. has its own nightclub. While they are all a little different one thing remains the same. At each one you can probably have the best night out that you’ve ever had.

But what is it that makes them so much better? Let’s begin with the days of the week. Las Vegas has tourists coming each and every day of the week whether for vacation, conventions, or business, and they’ve also come to party. Everyone knows that clubs are open on the weekend, but because of this demand there are multiple clubs open each and every day of the week, and let us tell you, these parties feel just like the weekend. Plus during the week much of the Las Vegas locals and industry workers get to come out and party. So it’s always a busy night in the Vegas clubs.

We cannot go much further without discussing the nightclub talent. It’s pretty common to have multiple leading DJs and musical artists performing at nightclubs in Vegas on the same night. For example Calvin Harris may be at Hakkasan, Kaskade at XS, Snoop Dogg at Tao, and Nicki Minaj at 1 Oak all at the same time. Nowhere else in the world are there so many live performances and DJ appearances happening at the same time. No matter whether you prefer hip-hop, EDM, or a little bit of both, there is an amazing nightclub that plays the music you like.
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While live performances and music are impressive, the clubs enhance it all with their lighting and technology. When you walk into a Las Vegas club it can almost be overwhelming. They can be massive with multiple rooms, lighting systems and decorations that keep your eyes exploring and being surprised all night, and dancefloors that let you get right up close to the action. In addition to all that the clubs have massive LED screens that make the performances feel custom for Vegas and compete with large scale concerts. Clubs like Light and Marquee have some of the most customized video enhancements in town. Then to add to it all the nightclubs mix in live go go dancers and female performers that besides being absolutely sexy, take the party to the next level.
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Now that you know there are clubs for just about everything you want, we have to take a moment to talk about the nightclub waitresses. It’s true what you’ve heard. When it comes to Las Vegas nightclub cocktail waitresses they are hot and sexy. Nowhere else is there positions that contains as many beautiful women (mostly with fake boobs). It doesn’t even matter what nightclub you go to, the girls are just great looking and honestly fun to party with. If you think about it, where is there a better job? They get paid great money to make sure the top customers have the most fun, and that means they have to have fun. So they get to have a blast in the best clubs in the world and make sure you do the same. Also note the male bartenders, bussers, and hosts are all great looking men as well. So when it comes to the Las Vegas nightclub employees, they are hot.
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In a very quick amount of time Las Vegas has developed the best nightclubs in the world and helped to establish the city as an entertainment capital. With so many people in town looking to have a blast it’s no surprise a variety of ridiculous nightclubs have grown and remain open every night of the week. We can’t say it enough. Every night feels like a Saturday. With amazing DJs and live musical performances combined with over the top lighting, technology, and sound, the Las Vegas nightclubs are like nothing else out there, and things only continue to get better.

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