What To Do If You Can’t Get Into A Las Vegas Nightclub

You and your friends arrived in Las Vegas and were ready to party the night away in some of the best nightclubs in the world. You got the drinks flowing early and hop in a cab and head to the hotel property of your choice. You roll up to the entrance of the nightclub venue and see an ocean of people trying to get in. There are lines upon lines and the confusion level is high. The process to actually get into the club can be stressful and expensive.

Many partygoers run into annoying surprises at door and don’t make it into the club at all, and sadly they didn’t use NoCoverNightclubs to get on the Las Vegas guest lists for free. Common reasons guests don’t make it into the nightclubs are they don’t meet the dress code, they didn’t sign up on the guest list, the cover charge was just too expensive, or the wait to get in was multiple hours.

Thousands each year are let down because they just didn’t know how it all works. Have no fear, we created a list of activities and hookups to be a part of if you and your group wasn’t able to get in.

Check Out Sapphire Las Vegas
Being the largest gentlemen’s club in the world has its perks. Sapphire is a perfect spot to keep the party going and combines the atmospheres of a nightclub, lounge, and strip club and the dress code is more relaxed. There is a little bit of everything going on at Sapphire. Best of all with NoCoverNightclubs you can get in for free and they will pick you and your party up from the strip and take you there for free. Simply sign up on our Sapphire Guest list at any time.

Party On Las Vegas Blvd.
One of the coolest things about being on the Las Vegas Strip is that you can take your drinks to go, even along the streets. There are spots all along the strip where you can grab drinks on the fly, plus the strip is filled with people out having fun and looking for a good time. Who knows who you will meet and end up partying the night away with.

Casino Bars & Lounges
While most hotel properties have nightclubs, they all have bars and lounges. If you didn’t make it into the club you can easily find the bars and lounges in the casino and keep the party going. They typically have music and are always filled with others looking to drink and find antics for the remainder of the night.

If you don’t make it into the club the night is not lost. Las Vegas has oh so many ways to get crazy and enjoy time with friends and strangers. Just because you find yourself on the outside of one party doesn’t mean the night is ruined. Many alternative adventures await.

Dayclubs In Vegas
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