What If Las Vegas Nightclubs Banned Cell Phones?

Best Party Ever Cell Phones
The meme above made its way around social channels recently and got me thinking about how true it actually is. When you go out in Las Vegas, especially in the VIP table service areas, it’s filled with seemingly uninterested people glued to their screens.

It’s obvious we’ve become a connected society that is more interested in documenting our life’s events rather than actually experiencing them, and one that is more focused on boasting. What’s the point of even going out and being social if your attention and mind are really elsewhere?

It got me thinking about a scenario. What if cell phones didn’t exist in nightlife? I’m not talking for hosts and for friends to organizing going out. I mean for people that are out to be a part of the party. Without the cell phone distraction Las Vegas partygoers would:

  • Be forced to have a good time.
  • Be forced to socialize with people in their own group, or heaven forbid, with new people there as well.
  • Be forced to dance and maybe enjoy themselves.
  • Be forced to actually flirt with the opposite sex in real life.
  • Be forced to give others their complete attention.
  • Be forced to have in-depth conversations.
  • Be forced to be creative and spontaneous.

Put down the phones and bring back the fun! Sorry for the rant. You can all get back to Instagram and Tinder now.

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