Video Experience Inside Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

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Omnia Nightclub inside Caesars Palace is now officially open and changing the face of nightlife as we know it. The venue is beautiful and has three completely different areas to explore and party in. The main room is where the headlining DJs perform and it is massive. It has two levels and features a large dance floor, two bars, and plenty of tables for VIP bottle service. You should see the waitresses that work there. The main room also features acrobats that perform over your head similar to those at Light Nightclub. The main room's chandelier is quite amazing and really is the centerpiece of the entire nightclub.

The second room is the Heart of Omnia. It has a darker feel and typically features open format music. There is a single bar and many table areas as well as a center dance floor. The walls are decorated with LED screens that change the ambiance of the room throughout the night.

Lastly there is the balcony and terrace which overlooks the Las Vegas strip. This is my personal favorite area at Omnia Nightclub. The table area outside features elevated VIP areas and separate DJ and sounds than the interior rooms. There is also a dance floor for this area as well. A single bar can be found near at the opposite end of the terrace.

The video above showcases just a smidgen of everything that is Omnia Las Vegas.

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