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Lavo Party Brunch – Season 6 Announcement

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You start with some excellent food and then things get taken to the next level. One of the most unique dayclub parties in Las Vegas is Lavo Brunch at the Palazzo Hotel. On Saturday afternoons be ready for champagne, day drinking, costumes, confetti, and hot go go dancers. Come in have a drink and settle in, because at 3pm the curtains drop and everything changes. The DJ brings the music up and dancing on tables is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Lavo enters its 6th season and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Drake Performing At Hakkasan Nightclub For New Years Eve

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Drake is returning to Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas for the 2017 New Years Eve celebration. This event is going to be immensely popular and will sell out. For NYE the nightclubs do not have a guest list, so pre sale tickets are a must if you want to get in. The price for these club events tickets also increase the closer we get to January 31st. Be ready for him to take over the main room and perform live like its a private concert for the nightlife venue.

Sapphire Las Vegas Mannequin Challenge


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The team over at Sapphire Las Vegas linked up with to create the best Mannequin Challenge to date. Only in Las Vegas will you find this sort of shenanigans every single night. Enjoy sexy women, bottles of booze, and a little bit of everything else.

GhostBar Dayclub Season VI Launches In Las Vegas

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One of the top dayclubs in Las Vegas returns for the 6th season for epic Saturday afternoon events. Join the fun at GhostBar Dayclub at the Palms Hotel specialty themed events including costumes, drinks, special guests, and DJs. Don't be afraid to let loose and enjoy the easiest access by getting on our guest list.

Light Nightclub | Halloween Forbidden Ball

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Halloween in Las Vegas for 2016 is set to be some of the most wild nights out of the year. With costumes, live performances, drinks, and people ready to let loose. Light Nightclub inside the Mandalay Bay is prepared with their Forbidden Ball. The feelings of charm for the forbidden will be distracted by the unspeakable desirables. Easily reserve your spot on the club guest list or reserve your specialty bottle service and tables.

Ditch Fridays Las Vegas 2016

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DAYS OPEN: Friday & Saturday
LOCATION: The Palms Hotel & Casino
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Palms Pool is kicking off the start of their 2016 dayclub season. You can expect another fantastic summer filled with live performances and your favorite poolside fun with top customer service. End the week early by finding the best ditch possible at Ditch Fridays with huge drinks and our guest list for free.

How Science Cures Your Worst Hangover

So you had a night out and woke up feeling hungover as hell. The first part of the solution is to stop drinking (that is until next week when it happens all over again). Let’s be honest. It’s inevitable and you know it. There are many pills and myths that claim to do the job, but here are the actual scientifically proven tips to help cure your hangover.

Before you start drinking make sure to eat fatty foods and carbs. Sure you want to look slim for your night out, but the fact is fatty foods slow down the absorption of alcohol into your body and help lessen stomach irritation. Carbs prevent low blood sugar and ease nausea, which helps you avoid vomiting. This also gives your body more time to process the harmful byproducts of alcohol (one of the main reasons for your hangover).

Next is water. Water is your best friend before, during, and after drinking. Alcohol is a diuretic which means you’ll be peeing out more fluid than you are taking in. With less water in your body your other organs start to steal it from the brain. This causes the brain to literally shrink and lead to those pounding headaches. So while you are drinking have another drink of water.
You can also do yourself a favor by choosing lighter colored liquors. Dark drinks like red wine, bourbon, brandy, and whiskey contain higher concentrations of something called congeners. These congeners act as extra toxic chemicals that your body has to eliminate. While beer doesn’t fit into this category, the age old rhyme “beer before liquor, never been sicker” does apply. Carbonation, like that in beer and soda, increases the rate of absorption of alcohol and can cause a worse hangover.

After the bar…..more water. You may be peeing all night, but it’s better than your head exploding tomorrow morning.

Aspirin before bed is also helpful. It’s not caffeinated and inhibits the release of something called prostaglandin (which has been known to contribute to hangovers). Make sure to stay away from Tylenol. The chemicals with Tylenol can be extremely harsh on your liver, and in combination with alcohol, can do some severe damage.

In the morning your breakfast can make all the difference. Eggs contain Cysteine, an amino acid which is required in the breakdown of alcohol to acetate. Bananas contain potassium which is essential for brain, muscle, and body function, and fruit juice contains vitamins and fructose (fruit sugar) which gives you energy and increases the rate at which your body excretes toxins.

But perhaps the most important rule is to know your limit. There are major differences between gender, races, and individuals when it comes to alcohol. Know that by using these simple strategies in the right order you’ll be on the road to avoiding those pounding hangovers, until next week…..when you do it again.

Hair, Makeup, & Outfit For Las Vegas Nightclubs

When you are planning your night out for Las Vegas nightclubs you ladies want to be looking your best. Shaaanxo provides some tips on getting ready for the club with hair, makeup, and outfits.

Method Man and Red Man Performs At Foxtail Nightclub

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NIGHTS OPEN: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
LOCATION: The SLS Hotel & Casino
Guest List Sign Up Ends at 8:50PM
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[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Both Method Man and Red Man performed live at Foxtail Nightclub in Las Vegas. Talk about putting on a show set specifically for the crowd in Las Vegas. Foxtail Nightclub has been established as a new club that is different than the typical and standard venues that have filled town. Foxtail is all about creating a perfect time where groups just have fun. No Cover Nightclubs has the easiest access to the guest list and you can sign up in less than 30 seconds.

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