Tao Beach Pool Party (Video)

Tao Beach has been throwing ridiculously fun pool parties in Las Vegas for 8 seasons. The concept behind Tao Beach was really an extension of the nightclub as it ended up being constructed on the rooftop. You'll see that they have a lot of greenery and the way that they designed the entire venue takes you back to a garden in Bali. Guests are brought to Tao Beach based at the Venetian Hotel because they plain and simply create one of the best experiences Las Vegas can offer for fun and partying in the sun.

When guests walk into Tao Beach they should expect the highest level of hospitality and service. They use the same chef and kitchen that they use for their world-class restaurants. Entertainment is provided by the top DJs in the country with dancing in the pool all day long. Tao Beach is a unique venue because of its perfect size, intimacy, and unique energy. The guests that have never seen a Tao Beach dayclub experience are blown away by the packed pool, beautiful waitresses in bikinis, and the best music.

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