Photos From EDC Las Vegas

While EDC Las Vegas has come to a close for 2015, the electrifying images live on. Each and every stage was overhauled this year so that the production level of each stage rivaled that of the main stage. Nothing else can come close to EDC, and here's why:
EDC Kinetic Field
EDC from above, the KineticFIELD at the fore // Photo credit; Doug Van Sant

EDC Neon Garden
The NeonGARDEN, EDC's ode to techno // Photo credit: The Holy Mountain

EDC Cosmic Meadow
The CosmicMEADOW, viewed from the bleachers // Photo credit: aLive

EDC Stage Production
This thing makes it look like you could pitch a Sahara Tent by yourself // Photo credit: Marc Van Der Aa

EDC Las Vegas Fireworks
In space, nobody can see your gunfingers. The BassPOD. // Photo credit: Freedom Film LLC

EDC Las Vegas Pyro
At EDC, everything has pyrotechnics, even the port-a-potties // Photo credit: Jake West

EDC Aerial Photo 2015
EDC, all of it // Photo credit: Doug Van Sant

Dayclubs In Vegas
Crazy Horse 3 Promo

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