The Universal Guide for New Nightclub Industry Employees

Our friends at Dolphin Travels are at it again with this amazing guide.

If you're moving to Las Vegas from Nowheresville, Idaho in order to work in the Las Vegas Nightlife Industry, here are a 25 things to review before signing the contract.

1. You are not bringing anything new to the Industry that isn't already here. I promise. In fact, everything has been watered down since 2002-2008 (Vegas Nightlife's heydays).

2. It's a sexual industry. Be prepared.

3. This isn't YOUR city. You, along with everybody else, are replaceable.

4. Read a book.

5. The "fun" will fade away. I guarantee it. 

6. Don't be a sycophant to people just because they are big spenders or "important".

7. Speaking of that; you don't know as many "important" people as you think you do. Because most people aren't as important as they say they are. Who defines "important" anyway?

8. Chances are, you don't have as much self-control as you think you do. Be careful.

9. Taking anything with monetary value (a trip, a purse, rent, a car, gambling, etc.) in exchange for "hosting" a client with sex, is still, by definition, prostituting. 

10. Don't allow yourself to be pigeon-holed as a stereotypical Vegas "bottle-popper" or "douchebag". Broaden your horizons.

11. Be humble. Don't have a fucking narcissistic attitude because you work at a top venue. Keep your ego in check.

12. Don't take advantage of fellow colleagues at other venues by promising things to your friends and/or clients (i.e. "My boy works at _______ and can hook you up")

13. You are the company you keep. Surround yourself around good honest people.

14. "The Meridian" is the JV Nightlife Employee Dorms. "Panorama" is the Varsity Nightlife Employee Dorms.

15. Don't drop out of college.

16. Stay off

17. Always ask the "owner" of the table if it is ok to bring people. If it is ok, then always introduce to the owner of the table to whoever you bring.

18. The lifestyle and money are very enticing, but very fleeting. Be smart.

19. If you routinely go to an after-hours club after 

20. STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS! I can't stress this enough. Nothing should go up your nose but  your finger. 

21. I may take some flack for this's okay to sleep around. I don't see the harm of a young  single female having sex with whomever she wants, whenever she wants. But it is a  slippery slope when you start hurting others and having sex irresponsibly. I think there are a lot worse things to be in this world than a whore, as long as you're not hurting anybody (i.e. spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, etc). If you do it with no regard for anybody's feelings…well then you're just a selfish cunt.

22. You're not special if you know the DJ. We all know the DJ.

23. Take extreme caution when posting selfies. 

24. It's like one big high school with each venue acting as the "cliques"

25. Take this experience for what it is worth. Enjoy it. Take something positive from it. Have fun. Have respect for yourself and others. Don't take things so seriously, including this list.  And know when to walk away.

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