Las Vegas Dress Code Tips For Men

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So you and your friends are ready for a night out in Las Vegas. You've signed up for the Nightclub Guest Lists and are getting prepared. If you didn't already know Las Vegas nightclubs have some strict rules for the dress code, especially for men. If you haven't checked out our complete Las Vegas Dress Code guide, you can do that too. But when it comes to men's fashion tips there are some basic rules to follow for your night out in Vegas and nights out in general.

Some of the basics include:

  • Know what shirts to tuck in and not to tuck in
  • Always match your belt color and shoe color
  • Never ever ever wear socks with sandals
  • Don't wear jeans that are too big or too tight
  • Wear a jacket that fits, and never fasten the bottom button
  • Don't wear the super deep V-neck
  • Never wear white socks with dress shoes
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