Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas Sneak Peek Photos

Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas
Intrigue Nightclub Performers
Intrigue Nightclub Performer
Intrigue Nightclub Bar
Intrigue Nightclub Chandelier
Intrigue Nightclub Entrance
Intrigue Nightclub Outside
Intrigue Nightclub Tables
Intrigue Nightclub Dance Floor
We had our first look inside the newest nightclub at the Wynn Hotel tonight in Las Vegas. The highly anticipated Intrigue Nightclub was a blast. We have to apologize for our low quality photos. The open bar of the event definitely affected our abilities to take high quality photos, but we wanted to give you the first look inside the new club. The entire venue has an updated look and feel with white colors painting the theme. The venue has made some major upgrades to the bar locations. There are now two on opposite sides of the inside as well as a totally new bar in the outside exterior. The walkways between the tables is conveniently widened to allow traffic to easily get to the bars and restrooms.

The dance floor has a new electric chandelier overhead as well as an upgraded DJ booth front and center. The sound system was also on point. There are some new areas near the waterfall that look to be locations for performers, but that has yet to be experienced. Throughout the evening both go go dancers and costume performers found their way to stage areas around tables throughout the club. In comparison to the previous Tryst Nightclub, Intrigue has more tables, and these tables are better secluded from crowds and traffic. One neat upgrade was that the tables have upper level back paddings. Most table guests find themselves sitting higher on tables to see the DJs, performers, and friends in the club, and Intrigue has added a nice layer of comfort here.

More news and photos to follow as Intrigue launches their opening weekend.

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