What Is GBDC?

When the pool season comes to a halt the dayclub party inside the Palms Hotel is just beginning. GhostBar Dayclub (GBDC) begins in October and runs through March. These Saturday only events start at 1PM and are filled with high energy antics. The theme is an all out party mode filled with costumes, booze, dancing, and confetti. Each week GBDC has a different party and dress up theme. Don't be surprised if you find yourself chugging a forty while a sexy waitress urges you on with a whistle blaring in your ear. The GBDC party happens on the 55th floor of the Palms and has both indoor and outdoor mingling areas. The outdoor balcony has some of the best views of the Las Vegas strip. Get ready for top DJs and plenty of celebrity appearances. Feel free to let loose at GBDC, and we make it easier than ever by making the guest list quick and simple. If you're looking for the ultimate day drinking spot, you've definitely found it.

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