Event Type Las Vegas Dayclubs


21sep11:00 amMike Attack & LemaMarquee Dayclub

21sep11:00 amKid FunkDaylight Beach Club

21sep11:00 amDJ SnakeEncore Beach Club

21sep11:00 amDJ ShiftWet Republic

21sep11:00 amKonstantinaTao Beach

21sep11:00 amDee Jay SilverRehab Beach Club

21sep11:00 amJaykodeDrais Beachclub

22sep11:00 amZeddWet Republic

22sep11:00 amOokayDaylight Beach Club

22sep11:00 amThe ChainsmokersEncore Beach Club

22sep11:00 amDJ RuckusTao Beach

22sep11:00 amDestructoDrais Beachclub

22sep11:00 amDJ MustardMarquee Dayclub

23sep11:00 amSteve AokiWet Republic

23sep11:00 amGalantisEncore Beach Club

23sep11:00 amE-rockDaylight Beach Club

23sep11:00 amCielo SundaysTao Beach

23sep11:00 amBenziDrais Beachclub

23sep11:00 amNora En PureMarquee Dayclub

27sep11:00 amNevaDaylight Beach Club

28sep11:00 amHenry FongDrais Beachclub

28sep11:00 amDJ RuckusMarquee Dayclub

28sep11:00 amDJ J-niceDaylight Beach Club

28sep11:00 amVtechTao Beach

28sep11:00 amDillon FrancisEncore Beach Club

28sep11:00 amDJ ShiftWet Republic

29sep11:00 amThe ChainsmokersEncore Beach Club

29sep11:00 amEric D-LuxTao Beach

29sep11:00 amTroyBoiDrais Beachclub

29sep11:00 amMorgan PageDaylight Beach Club

29sep11:00 amTritonalMarquee Dayclub

29sep11:00 amSteve AokiWet Republic

30sep11:00 amPedi AmiriTao Beach

30sep11:00 amDJ J-niceDaylight Beach Club

30sep11:00 amGalantisEncore Beach Club

30sep11:00 amNGHTMREWet Republic

30sep11:00 amSigalaMarquee Dayclub

30sep11:00 amTWRKDrais Beachclub


05oct11:00 amVtechTao Beach

05oct11:00 amArt of The WildEncore Beach Club

05oct11:00 amWet Republic FridayWet Republic

05oct11:00 amSpecial GuestDrais Beachclub

05oct11:00 amCIDMarquee Dayclub

06oct11:00 amWet Republic SaturdayWet Republic

06oct11:00 amArt of The WildEncore Beach Club

06oct11:00 amRick RossDaylight Beach Club

06oct11:00 amSpecial GuestDrais Beachclub

06oct11:00 amTritionalMarquee Dayclub

06oct11:00 amKay the RiotTao Beach

06oct2:00 pmLavo BrunchLavo

07oct11:00 amWet Republic SundayWet Republic

07oct11:00 amSpecial GuestDrais Beachclub

07oct11:00 amArt of The WildEncore Beach Club

07oct11:00 amCandypants : Tango X WillowMarquee Dayclub

07oct11:00 amCharlie DarkerTao Beach

12oct11:00 amWet Republic FridayWet Republic

12oct11:00 amLemaMarquee Dayclub

12oct11:00 amSpecial GuestDrais Beachclub

12oct11:00 amPedi AmiriTao Beach

13oct11:00 amSpecial GuestDrais Beachclub

13oct11:00 amWet Republic SaturdayWet Republic

13oct11:00 amDJ CLATao Beach

13oct11:00 amOliver HeldensMarquee Dayclub

13oct2:00 pmLavo BrunchLavo

14oct11:00 amGreg LopezTao Beach

14oct11:00 amWet Republic SundayWet Republic

14oct11:00 amSpecial GuestDrais Beachclub

14oct11:00 amJordan VMarquee Dayclub

19oct11:00 amWet Republic FridayWet Republic

19oct11:00 amMike AttackMarquee Dayclub

19oct11:00 amDJ CLATao Beach

20oct11:00 amJordan VMarquee Dayclub

20oct11:00 amGreg LopezTao Beach

20oct11:00 amWet Republic SaturdayWet Republic

20oct2:00 pmLavo BrunchLavo

21oct11:00 amGreg LopezMarquee Dayclub

21oct11:00 amVtechTao Beach

21oct11:00 amWet Republic SundayWet Republic

26oct11:00 amSpecial GuestMarquee Dayclub

27oct11:00 amDJ LemaMarquee Dayclub

28oct11:00 amSpecial GuestMarquee Dayclub

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