Event Type 2 Jewel Nightclub


22jun10:30 pmTygaJewel Nightclub

23jun10:30 pmDJ ShiftJewel Nightclub

25jun10:30 pmDJ ShiftJewel Nightclub

29jun10:30 pmTYGAJewel Nightclub

30jun10:30 pmJustin CredibleJewel Nightclub


02jul10:30 pmFaedJewel Nightclub

06jul10:30 pmDJ BamboozleJewel Nightclub

07jul10:30 pmJamie FoxxJewel Nightclub

09jul10:30 pmO.T. GenasisJewel Nightclub

13jul10:30 pmTygaJewel Nightclub

14jul10:30 pmDJ DramaJewel Nightclub

20jul10:30 pmDJ IrieJewel Nightclub

23jul10:30 pmDJ ShiftJewel Nightclub

27jul10:30 pmLil Uzi VertJewel Nightclub

28jul10:30 pmScooter & LavelleJewel Nightclub

30jul10:30 pmLil JonJewel Nightclub


03aug10:30 pmLil JonJewel Nightclub

04aug10:30 pmBrody JennerJewel Nightclub

06aug10:30 pmDJ ShiftJewel Nightclub

10aug10:30 pmDJ IrieJewel Nightclub

13aug10:30 pmDJ E-RockJewel Nightclub

17aug10:30 pmTory LanezJewel Nightclub

24aug10:30 pmLil JonJewel Nightclub

25aug10:30 pmBrody JennerJewel Nightclub

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