Get Your Bellies Ready For Pool Party Season

Don't be doing ridiculous belly suck-ins, it only leads to disaster. Be ready for the pool party season, and you know No Cover Nightclubs will have all your guest list needs.

Slow Motion Pizza At Hyde’s XIV Party

During Hyde Nightclub's wild and crazy Sunday XIV sessions, slow motion pizza was there to enhance the party. Don't miss the XIV party by getting on the free guest list, and maybe you too can pizza in slow motion.

How Will This Underwater Nightclub Actually Work?

TechnoMarine has envisioned a nightclub set below the surface of the water. The concept is definitely different, and would be pretty cool. For one you wouldn't have to leave the party to hit the bathroom for a pee break. You could just break the seal like you normally do while at the public pool. We think the dart gun is a little much, and what happens when drunk girl barfs into her helmet...yuck. If this ever comes to be, you know No Cover Nightclubs will have access to the guest lists.

Nightclub Bouncer Convinces Drunk Guy To Blow Into Radio

Sometimes bouncers do have a sense of humor. This witty member of security convinces a local drunk that he must prove his sobriety to enter the club by blowing into non other than his walkie talkie. Get on our guest lists and avoid the radio blow.


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