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Flosstradamus Encore Beach Club Profile
Bio: Flosstradamus is an American DJ and musician. From 2007 until 2016, Flosstradamus consisted of Cameruci and Josh Young from Chicago. The duo announced they would both be pursuing solo careers, with Cameruci to continue using Flosstradamus as a stage name. Flosstradamus is also known for the earliest trap songs with Original Don.

Top Songs

o Came Up (Post Malone) – 17 Mil Listens
o Soundclash (TroyBoi) – 17 Mil Listens
o Mosh Pit – 13 Mil Listens

Recent News

o New song called 2 MUCH
o Hoodie Nation is Flosstradamus’ fan base

Dayclubs In Vegas
Crazy Horse 3 Promo

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