Annoying Conversations Bartenders Are Forced To Repeat

Being a bartender has it's obvious benefits. But what you don't always hear about are the crazies they have to deal with. Drunk people can be fun, but as industry people know, they can also be super, super annoying. This hilarious rant comes from one of our favorite Las Vegas bartenders. Enjoy.

I don't understand why I have these same conversations with people night after night. They are grown adults!!!

You have to put your shoes on!
You can't put your feet on the counter!
Yes I am serious, I need your ID to serve you or for you to even be in a bar!
No they can't vouch for you!
No a picture on your phone does not work as ID!
You can't sleep in here!
You can't put your hand up her skirt!
You can't have sex in here!
Get off the table!
You can't stand on the couch!
No fighting!
Put your shirt on!
You can't take your pants off!
This is bar we don't serve food
You have to sign your check!
What kind of beer? What kind of whiskey? Which rum? (Seriously first time ordering at a bar??)
No we don't do free shots for your bday/bachelor/bachlorette/divorce party.
No I don't have raspberry vodka it's a whiskey bar...(asked for blueberry vodka immediately after) no I don't have blueberry vodka either...again, it's a whiskey bar....
What kind of shot?
Do you need anything else? Anything? Anything at all before I walk away for the 4th time cause you're ordering one drink at a time with a group of 20.

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