cousins looking to split table April 10, 2020

Split Las Vegas Table ServiceCategory: Las Vegas Bottle Servicecousins looking to split table April 10, 2020
Erica asked 4 months ago

My cousin and I are going to Vegas on April 9, 2020 and we would like to have bottle service that Friday April 10! It is only 2 of us, so we would like to join another table and help pay for the vip service, thank you. I am a 33 y/o woman, my cousin is a 27 y/o male!! We have a lot of fun, and are very outgoing.

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Haley answered 2 months ago

hey! we have a group of 4 who will be there april 10. Let us know if you are interested. 2 guys 2 girls

Paul answered 2 months ago

We are 4 guys and will be in vegas 9 April - 13 April from England

Randi answered 3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm a girl and I'll be in vegas during that time with a friend and I am available to split a table.

Harol L answered 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone, there is a new website for splitting the cost of bottle service that just launched 3 days ago. Go to and check them out. It is safe and easy to use. There are profiles, reviews and secure payment platform for all users.

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