4.16 or 4.17 Split Bottle Service

Split Las Vegas Table ServiceCategory: Las Vegas Bottle Service4.16 or 4.17 Split Bottle Service
Summer asked 4 weeks ago

Three 40 year old gals celebrating birthdays in style! Looking to share the cost with some great people.

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Brandon Cahee answered 3 weeks ago

Hi I’m interested in learning more about what you and your friend may be into splitting? I’m coming with three guys and two ladies to celebrate a wedding of my friend “bachelor party” and I’m the best man. We were interested in doing a splitting of bottle service at a lounge and separately looking at the same option for a day pool party. We are all in lower 30’s here and African American. Looking forward to connecting if you are likewise interested.

Will answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Summer! What music do you girls like and what do you want to drink? Based on that we can split at a dayclub and or nightclub. Thanks!

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