8 Frustrating Adventures Of A Las Vegas Bartender

Bartenders in Las Vegas have the pleasure of dealing with people at their best, and at the ultimate worst. Female bartenders likely have it the worst since they commonly deal with drunken men thinking they have a chance to take them home. We follow some of them on social media and had to share some of the most recent struggles.

Oh my god. Why are people so dumb???!?

1- the guy who was so mad about me not having apples AT A BAR!

2- not even 10min after I start someone threw up in the lounge all over a table, chair, and the floor.

3- had to tell someone they couldn't put their feet on the counter....the bar is PACKED. Why would you do that?!?

4- chick asked for cigarettes, no problem I'll call the cigarette lady to come for you, I just need to tell you it's 14 cash only. "What?" So I tell her again "you mean I have to leave the bar?" I didn't say ANYTHING about leaving the bar. I told her again that I will call for the cigarette lady to come it's 14 cash only and when you figure that out let me know.

5- guy asked for an Ultra a Dos Equis and a lite. What kind of lite? He said L I T E. Yes sir I get you want a lite, what kind? Bud light miller light coors light? "Give me a pen...." And proceeds to write out LITE. Sir we do not have a beer called lite so do you want a ML CL or BL? He decided to go with two ultras.

6- asked chick for an ID and she goes omg where's my purse?!? I point out its strapped across her body. She yells at me "no,my purse!! Where is it!!! I need my purse!!!" Again I point at the purse securely strapped around her and say, that purse? "No! I need my purse!" And then starts patting the pockets of the guy she is with. Umm I'll be back and I'll need your IDs.

7- group of guys with four hookers walk up and I asked for ID. They ignore me and start ordering. Sir I need everyone's ID. He goes "I have a bachelor with us, what's the deal?" I'm sorry, what? "What's the deal? I have a bachelor!" I don't know what you mean by that sir, we don't have any specials or discounts if that's what you mean....but I still need everyone's ID. He turns his back on me. Ok cool. I help other people and come back. Do you guys have your IDs ready yet?? "Why are you so rude?" Well sir I had to ask you multiple times for your ID, and you still haven't given me one!

8- multiple people running from the bathroom area. Mention it to a couple people as it's strange. Find out there is a chick in there having an allergic reaction and passed out on the floor
I still have hours left.

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