8 Annoying People You Find In Las Vegas Nightclubs

1. The Older Convention Guy

Las Vegas Lanyard
This is always a solo male who has come to Las Vegas for a business convention and found his way to a nightclub. He’s the guy that is wearing a company collared shirt, terrible shoes, a lanyard around his neck, and likely left his wedding ring in his hotel room. This man has no shame in his game and looks directly at every girl’s ass and tits that walks by. He is also the guy that tries super hard to come talk to people (especially the hot women).

2. The Debbie Downer

Grumpy Nightclub Girl
You typically find this girl in a group out for bachelorette party or girl’s night out. She happens to be the heavy set girl in the group who is already in flip flops an hour into the club. She’s the mother hen who says she is just watching over everyone in the group, but really just keeps everyone from having fun. While everyone partying, dancing, and socializing at a table she is always the one sitting down. She’s the girl that tries to convince everyone that it is time to leave and go get food.

3. The person who is always saying “do you know who I am” to get in

Do You Know Who I am
One of the obvious struggles for people that haven’t gotten a table or used the No Cover Nightclubs guest list is the part about getting into the clubs. While at the entrance we’ve all seen that person that keeps getting rejected and he thinks that by saying “Do you know who I am!” in desperation it will get him in. Honestly if you have to ask people if they who you are you’ve likely just made an A of yourself.

4. The I haven’t showered BO person

Nightclub Smell
Just WHY? The Las Vegas nightclubs get packed and lots of times the quarters are tight. Between dance floors, bars, and VIP table areas you sometimes get up close and personal with strangers. Why people don’t shower before getting dressed up for a fun night out is beyond us, but olfactory downers are the worst.

5. The girl who is wearing something she probably shouldn’t be

Fat Girl Small Dress
We totally get that it’s fun to get dressed up and wear something new and sexy for a night out in Sin City. That being said, ladies you’ll want to really consider what works best for your body. Just because something works on someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. You know who you are, and sometimes your friends are as much to blame as you for lying to you and telling you that your choice of clothing looks good before heading out.

6. The person that tries to flag down the bartender

Bartender Spray
Sometimes there is nothing worse than the dung farmer who pushes his way to the front of a crowded nightclub bar and rudely yells to get the bartender’s attention while waving his money around. For starters, let’s face the reality that you are no more important than any of the other people patiently waiting. Secondly, the bartenders know what they are doing and this is only going to piss them off and make you wait longer.

7. The people that hold hands

Dogs Holding Hands
If you want to stand in one place and hold hands with your significant other that is totally fine. I am talking about the couples or groups of people that trounce through a heavily populated club while trying to all stay together. They end up just running into people, spilling drinks, and making people want to punch them. Act like an adult. I know you are worried about getting separated but I have good news. There are these new devices called cell phones so you can quickly and easily communicate in case you get lost.

8. The dudes that try and touch girls as they walk by

Men Grope Women
This strange game of terrible flirtation has always confused us. Instead of walking up to a girl and doing something fun, entertaining, or witty to gain her attention, many men perform this strange action. They wait for an attractive women to walk by and then they reach out and touch her. Of course the woman looks back to see what just happened and sees the guilty stranger staring at her. She then continues on her way annoyed and likely a little (or a lot) creeped out. Why do men do this? Do they really think the girl is going to turn around, be impressed, and just jump their bones?

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