5 Ways To Guarantee You Never Get Into A Las Vegas Nightclub

1. Be Rude To The Hosts and Door Staff

This is probably the easiest way to ensure you never get past the velvet ropes. Some of the top behavior examples include yelling at the hosts and saying things like "Do you know who I am?" Also trying to touch or grab a host for his or her attention will always keep you on the outside.

2. Open The Ropes Yourself

This technique will swiftly get you the attention you deserve from the door staff, and likely security as well. It also comes with a 67% chance of being escorted off property by security.

3. Get Completely Hammered Before Trying To Go To The Club

Las Vegas nightclub employees are trained to spot individuals too intoxicated to continue partying for the evening. Showing up extremely inebriated and barely able to stand will allow you to spend the night outside the club and maybe even in the drunk tank. Puking at the entrance will gain you 2 bonus points in case you keep track of those sorts of things.

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4. Try To Cut In Line

With this technique you can guarantee you remain outside the club while also making sure you don't make any friends. Following this path could also lead to a concussion from the angry girl you cut in front of by way of purse concussion.

5. Wear Socks With Sandals

All Las Vegas nightclub establishments enforce a dress code and we promise you that socks with sandals will never be a part of it. Wearing this combination of footwear will get you denied both at the club and from ever taking a the opposite sex home as well.

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